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High Priestess-Li Amunetma
Spiritual Wellness Coach

High Priestess-Li Amunetma, [PSAC] 27 year “Professional Spiritual Wellness Coach,” Reiki Healer and Past-Life Regression Specialist. Amunetma is a powerful prayer warrior; light worker; demon slayer; and a professional coach who uses her Angelic communication to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a spiritual direction. Releasing all past and present spiritual or soul attachments.


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  • Have you been feeling some kind of unusual way lately and just can't explain why or what you are feeling?

  • Have you been dealing with relationship after relationship issues? You keep choosing a different person with the same characteristics as your last mate.

  • Have you been trying for years to get your money right?

  • Are you hearing voices when you know no one is present?

  • Are you seeing spirits, souls, or ghost? 

  • Do things sometimes move around by itself in your presence or your home?


If you suffer from health conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD or you have answered yes to any of the questions above it is time for your "Spiritual Awakening!"


The Awakening will help you to overcome symptoms that comes with the health issue territory. It can offer insight with love and support which will help you understand as well as resolve any unexplainable or irrational reactions.


Benefits of the "Spiritual Awakening"

  • It works on All Levels----Spiritual, soul, physical, emotional, and psychological 

  • Its helps to heal you from an illness

  • It releases old traumas, guilt, vows and curses

  • Heals family karma 

  • Detaches you from Past-Lives

  • Heals relationships

  • Helps to get rid of obsessions and negative patterns

  • Works on the level of DNA; healing genetic issues

  • Helps to attract abundance 

  • Helps Spiritual growth

  • Helps a Soul find its way to the Spirit

Spiritual Awakening Life Transformation Community

Our focus is the basic principles of teachings from the “Great I Am, the Almighty God,” developing into an awakened spiritual being. Spirituality is an individual practice that protects our sense of peace and purpose. In the S.A.L.T. Community we learn spiritual tools to raise spiritual consciousness, improve faith, improve relationships on all levels [marriage, children, parents, friends, associates], improve finances, health, and our well-being. We also improve the way that we protect ourselves spiritually and earthly.  


Our community offers weekly encouragement blogs, spiritual educational programs [including but not limited to telepathy and the 7 psychic-clairs], live weekly discussions, Friday Night Live Readings, support messaging with High Priestess-Li Amunetma and so much more!

"Rising High"
Angelic School Of Thought!

The place where Angelic Beings can Ascend in the Spirit. 

Gaining the knowledge they need to grow spiritually. 

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The Art of Relaxation
Doorway to Inner Peace!

God's Realization Clinic

Spotify Podcast


Coach Stacey Morgan 
Emotional Mastery 


Coach Stacey is a "Mind-Set Coach," assisting you with your mental needs in the earth realm. Coach Stacy will assist you with improving your quality of life by working with you to identify and replace negative thinking patterns and emotions which may have led you through a life of challenges.


Therefore with Coach Stacy assisting you, you can view the challenging situations clearly and respond to them in ways that align with your true meaningful desired with a positive outcome.

Being Mindful Changes Our Lives!

Helps you sleep better