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High Priestess-Li

Spiritual Wellness Coach


Greetings seeker of spiritual insight! I am a luminous presence in the realm of spiritual guidance and holistic well-being. With a myriad of talents and a compassionate heart. I stands as a beacon of light, ready to illuminate the paths of those in search of wisdom, healing, and self-discovery.

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House of Amunet' 

"Aligning with Sacred Energies" coaching, a transformative journey that combines the wisdom of spiritual numerology with the unique energies of each calendar month. This package is designed to empower you to understand and harness the spiritual meanings of numbers and the energy of each month, facilitating personal growth, balance, and alignment with your true self.

"Aligning with Sacred Energies" coaching package is proud to offer a nine-month coaching program, designed to help you tap into your spiritual essence and find your inner strength. With two monthly group meetings and two one-on-one sessions with our experienced coaches each month, you'll receive personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your goals.

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Spiritual Awakening Life Transformation Community

Our focus is the basic principles of teachings from the “Great I Am, the Almighty God,” developing into an awakened spiritual being. Spirituality is an individual practice that protects our sense of peace and purpose. In the S.A.L.T. Community we learn spiritual tools to raise spiritual consciousness, improve faith, improve relationships on all levels [marriage, children, parents, friends, associates], improve finances, health, and our well-being. We also improve the way that we protect ourselves spiritually and earthly.  


Our community offers weekly encouragement blogs, spiritual educational programs [including but not limited to telepathy and the 7 psychic-clairs], live weekly discussions, Friday Night Live Readings, support messaging with High Priestess-Li Amunetma and so much more!

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The Art of Relaxation
Doorway to Inner Peace!

God's Realization Clinic

Spotify Podcast

Being Mindful Changes Our Lives!

Helps you sleep better

Decreases anxiety & depression

Reduces stress levels 

Improves attention & concentration


The thing about an Angelic Awakening is:
"You become more and more you."

High Priestess-Li Amunetma

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